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Apartment Design Tips for Minimalists

There’s something so appealing about sparse but stylish rooms; the sleek lines that form across the room after ridding it of clutter. The concept of minimalism has exploded in the last several years. What was once a weird idea now makes perfect sense. There is a bit of a misnomer though, that minimalism is only achieved by either getting rid of all your belongings or by moving into a bigger home, to spread everything out.

Neither are true, in fact we’re going to prove that with these apartment design tips for minimalists.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is rooted in the principle of simple living habits. It’s not necessarily about throwing stuff away, although that does help. It’s about curating your home to a few meaningful belongings, not crowding your home by accumulating more and more. It’s a sustainable design philosophy that helps us live cleaner and more efficiently.

Minimalist Design Principles

If you love looking at minimalist designs (Pinterest is loaded with them) then you’ve probably noticed that there are a few characteristics that minimalist spaces have in common including:

  • Light coloured walls: Most minimalist rooms are neutral colours and shades of white. While most furniture or decorative accents also lean toward more subdued tones, the lighter walls help these features pop, so you appreciate them more.
  • Clean lines: You won’t find much excess or flourish in a minimalist room. Shapes are kept clean, with smooth lines.
  • Simple Patterns: Designs and patterns really stand out in a minimalist environment. It’s not likely that you’ll see a plaid couch or busy wallpaper on all four walls. However, there might be a feature wall that stands out. Or your couch might be a solid colour, but the throw pillows are a little bit fun.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, the thing that makes minimalism so special is the personalization you encounter. You’re able to stand in the room and see that every item was intentionally selected for a reason. It has a place and a purpose, even if its purpose is to look good, it still helps to bring together the space.

Some tips to keep in mind while designing your minimalist apartment:

  1. Keep the space warm
    Years ago, minimalism got a bad rap for being cold or sterile but that’s not the point of minimalism. To prevent this, mix textures and natural elements into the space. Art and accessories such as lampshades or a throw rug are a great way to keep your apartment feeling warm.
  2. Make use of natural light
    When we designed The Livery here in Kanata, we did so with lots of natural light in mind. Whether it’s large windows, or sliding doors to the patio, all this glass makes your home feel bright and big, a perfect spot for growing plants.
  3. Make your budget work for you
    By now you get it, minimalism isn’t about filling your living room with a bunch of furniture, it’s about choosing the right furniture. Instead of buying a couch, love seat, and recliner, buy a couch that you absolutely love, even if it’s a bit more expensive.
  4. Organization is key
    When you don’t have a lot of furniture and decor, the stuff that you do have really stands out. Closet systems and drawer organizers can help keep it from spilling out into your beautifully simple space.
  5. Think up
    Utilizing wall space can help maintain a minimalistic feel, in even the smallest of apartments. A tall bookshelf can house plenty of decor, without detracting from the space, as long as the lines are kept clean and the colours blend, rather than clash.

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