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8 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Apartment for You

There are tons of apartments in Ottawa, and not every one of them will suit your needs. It can be overwhelming, but once you’ve figured out what you want and how to find it, the apartment hunt can be a fun adventure.

We all know that Ottawa is a great city to live in, but it can be tough knowing what you should look for when choosing an apartment. There are so many options and the process of finding one becomes overwhelming very quickly! If this sounds familiar, then we've got 8 easy tips on how to make your search much more enjoyable while choosing the best apartment in Ottawa.

1. Location is Everything

Location is everything and choosing an apartment that is in a great location can provide many benefits for tenants. If you’re thinking about moving to a new apartment, the first step you should take is to determine what you’re looking for in a place to live. Is it a walkable downtown neighborhood or a sprawling suburb? Is it close to transit, schools, parks, and grocery stores? A great location can also give you the ability to visit local businesses and explore new places without being too far away.

2. Is the Neighborhood Safe?

Looking for a safe place to live is important for everyone, but it can be challenging if you're moving to a new city or area. When searching for apartments in Ottawa, there are a few things you can do to help ensure you end up in a safe neighborhood. First, research the area online. Check out local news sources and search for crime reports in the area. You can also ask friends and family members if they have any recommendations. Once you've narrowed down your options, take a tour of the neighborhood during the daytime to get a feel for the area. Pay attention to your gut instinct - if something feels off, it's probably best to keep looking. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to find a safe and comfortable place to call home.

3. Is it Close to Public Transport?

Convenience is an important factor to consider when choosing an apartment. If you have to drive long distances to get to work or school, it can add a lot of extra time and expense to your daily routine. When thinking about the area where you want to live, make sure that you consider public transport options. After all, there's nothing worse than being stuck in traffic or trying to find a parking spot when you could have just taken the bus or the train. If you own a car, make sure your new apartment complex has parking for you!

4. Does the Apartment have a Room for Storage?

Moving into a new apartment is one of the most stressful events of your life. You can avoid this stress by making sure that you have enough room for storage. You don't want to end up with an apartment that hasn’t got enough space to accommodate your furniture and belongings. So, before you start moving into your new place, make sure to make room for your furniture and things or use it as an incentive to par down clutter in your current space.

5. Is it Large enough?

Before you move into an apartment, make sure that it is large enough for everything that you need. For example, make sure that your kitchen is big enough so that you can cook the way you like. Counterspace is always important, especially if you like to cook in large portions. Make sure that the bedrooms and living rooms are big enough to accommodate everyone in the family. If you have a preference of bath vs shower, make sure your apartment is equipped accordingly. You should also make sure that there is enough space for your personal belongings. Make sure that you check all the details before you rent an apartment.

6. Does the Apartments Kitchen Have Enough Appliances?

If you are moving into a new apartment, you must check if the appliances you require are included. You may be able to find this information on the rental sites. Look for things like refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, etc. When you are choosing an apartment make sure that you look at the kitchen because this is for many, the most important room in the house. You want to make sure that you will have everything you need in this room.

7. What Are the Common Amenities?

Before you move into a new apartment, make sure to check what the common amenities are. This is because apartments in Ottawa can vary widely in terms of included or added amenities. Some apartments have common facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, saunas, fitness rooms, spas, hot tubs, steam rooms, billiard halls, libraries, etc. Therefore, it is important to check what the common amenities are before you move into an apartment. That way, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy all the benefits these included amenities offer.

8. Is the Apartment Clean?

Checking if an apartment complex is kept clean is very important, and there are a few things you should look for. Make sure that there is no mold or mildew anywhere in the apartment. Take a close look at the floors and walls to see if they are in good condition. If the apartment is well-maintained, it will be easier to keep it clean. You might also want to take note of how the lobby and other multi-use rooms appear, as this is a good indication of the upkeep of the building. By checking these things before signing your lease, you can ensure that you have a pleasant living experience.

In conclusion, there are many things to consider when looking for your dream apartment. You should look at the amenities, the location, and the value. You may be looking for something more than just a place to hang your hat; you might be looking for a community to belong to, a neighbourhood to call home, a place to grow old with your family and friends. If you’ve been searching for a new apartment for rent in Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place!


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