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Apartment Living Tips

In the right building, apartment living is luxury living. It’s full of maintenance-free perks such as not having to worry about fixing your furnace or pay for a new fridge when it’s needed. To make the most out of your new lifestyle in your new apartment, we spoke to some tenants who have rented with us as well as other apartments, to offer you apartment living tips.

Start with a thorough inspection

For most apartments, on the first day of your lease, you’ll have an opportunity to make note of flaws, structural problems, water damage, etc. You’ll want to ensure all the outlets work correctly and that there’s no mold in the shower. Test everything from the stove in the kitchen to the fan in the bathroom. Most luxury apartments take care of any flaws and repairs in advance, even better... when it’s a new building, like Hillside Vista Rentals, maintenance problems like these aren’t a concern, and probably won’t be for several years.

Try to be a good neighbour

Be the person that you would like to live next to. It’s good advice whether you’re in a house or an apartment… but especially in apartments where you share a wall with your neighbour. Being a good neighbour is more than just smiling in the hallway. It’s not interfering with anyone else; keeping your tv or music at a reasonable level, don’t throw rowdy parties, and do your part to keep the common areas clean. Be the neighbour that you want to have.

Support local businesses

One of the reasons tenants are choosing Hillside Vista Rentals is because it’s just a few minutes away from great Ottawa amenities such as Place D’Orlean’s Shopping Mall, Farm Boy, and restaurants such as St. Martha’s Brasserie and The Garlic King. There is also a wide variety of specialty stores, and loads  of activity, entertainment and fitness options such as Fit for Less, and the Ray Friel Recreation Complex.

Let the light in

Open the curtains to maximize your natural light. Sunlight always makes your home look better and it’s a wonderful mood booster. Speaking of which, don’t skimp when it comes to your curtains. It’s not just about privacy, they can really pull a room together.

Make proximity a priority

Your daily commute is important and worth keeping in mind when you’re choosing an apartment complex that’s right for you. But you also want to be close to the amenities you require often. Do you like to walk to get your coffee in the morning? Do you prefer your grocery store to only be a couple of blocks away? If these are important to you, don’t settle. The surrounding community and proximity to Hwy 174 (and Phase 2 of the LRT which is coming soon!) are some of the main reasons people are choosing to move into Hillside Vista Rentals.

Read the reviews

Just about every major apartment complex has online reviews. You can find out what the property manager is like or how long repairs and maintenance take. There’s also usually information on the quality of the units, if there are any problems with bugs, or crime, etc. You can learn a lot from a bit of online research.

Don't forget about transportation or parking

Some buildings have designated parking spaces, others are a free-for-all, some don’t have nearly enough. Just like some are directly on bus routes and others are too far away. These details are often forgotten, but can really make or break your experience. It can be a good idea to investigate parking in the evenings when most people are at home, to see how many spots are filled up.

Keep up with cleaning

Your chore list in an apartment is usually a lot shorter than a house or condo, but there is still some work to be done. When you’re renting, you’re responsible for keeping the inside of your apartment clean. From the dishes to the floor, the toilet or tub, if you want to live the good life, make cleaning a regular habit.

Report maintenance issues early

One of the perks about moving into Hillside Vista Rentals is that it’s a brand new building without maintenance issues. But eventually, repairs might start to pop up. If they do, report it to the property manager right away, especially problems with your water, electricity or heating and cooling, cause those will only get worse with time. It’s not only beneficial for your landlord but for you too; a small leak on day one can turn into a huge flood on day three, causing extensive damage to your apartment and belongings.

Get to know your community

You’re probably not going to feel at home until you’ve done some exploring in your neighbourhood. When you move into Hillside Vista Rentals, there’s going to be plenty to see and do. Just steps away is The Shenkman Arts Centre which boasts 6 art galleries and hosts a variety of events, shows, and classes. We also have several nature/hiking trails in the area, such as the trail to Princess Louise Waterfalls and the beach at Petrie Island that you’ll enjoy. The kids will not be disappointed with the proximity to several splash pads, basketball and beach volleyball courts, & lots of sports fields. The variety of local shops and restaurants will also keep you busy.


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