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5 Reasons to Rent from a Professional Rental Company in Ottawa instead of a Private Landlord

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a surge in the number of private landlords in Ottawa. Driven by YouTube and social media and the promise of an easy income, crowds of property owners have launched themselves into the rental market. However, what does this mean to you, the renter? 

Is renting from one of these newly minted private landlords as safe and convenient as renting from an established rental company? Here are five reasons why we think it’s less risky to still stick with the big guys.  

Reason one: We have an established reputation for excellence. 

When you have hundreds of tenants at a time, word gets around. And we love that, because we are proud of our reputation as a professional and responsive rental company. With a larger rental company that’s been around for a while, it’s easy to find reviews and references to make sure you are making the right choice. 

Conversely, if a private landlord has skeletons in their closet, it’s much easier to keep them there. A small operation may not have a website or may have recently changed their business name. They may even tell you that you are their first tenant when you aren’t. Remember, when deciding to sign for a lease, the landlord wants your business and should be happy to share their reputation among past and present tenants. 

Reason two: We’re in it for the long haul.

Part of the reason that we care so much about our reputation is, we’ve been in the rental business for a while and we intend to continue! A large rental company will work to keep their good reputation because they are heavily invested in their buildings and want to stay competitive in the Ottawa market. 

Of course, many private landlords are committed as well, but just as many are new and inexperienced. A private landlord may have decided to start renting because of a lifestyle change or financial advice at the time of low interest rates. If they find that being in the rental market is too much hassle or the returns aren’t what they thought, a private landlord may start looking to get out of this business. And you, the tenant, will be in their way. Imagine the stress of your landlord asking you to move out so they can move into the building themselves, or living in a building that is being sold.

Reason three: We hire service-oriented professionals, not our uncle.

As a large, established rental company, we have staff on salary. They are service-oriented and here to help all of our tenants as soon as something comes up. It’s literally their job to respond to service calls and work orders all day long. We also hire professional maintenance companies and thoroughly inspect all of our units. 

If you’re renting privately, you don’t know your landlord’s financial situation, but you can be almost certain that they’re counting every dollar. For a small operation, each service call from you may be a financial tipping point and is certainly an unplanned cost that the landlord will seek to minimize. If you’ve ever called a private landlord to let them know something’s wrong in your unit and heard a deep sigh, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Long negotiations and having the landlord’s relatives come look at your broken appliance. How awkward!

Reason four: We are proud to play by the rules.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming all too common for privately owned DIY finished basements to come on the market as legal rental units, only to be shut down by the city months later. It can be very difficult for a prospective tenant to foresee this. And having to leave an illegal rental unit would have to be up there among a renter’s worst nightmares. 

As an established rental company, we have been following all of the regulations since day one. We are proud to know and provide for all of our responsibilities to tenants and the city, keeping our buildings up to code and maintaining all required safety standards. 

Reason five: We are always here for you.

A professional rental company will deal quickly and professionally with complaints, disagreements between tenants, and emergencies. Should something out of the ordinary occur, you can be sure that your landlord is not on vacation in another time zone, but here, ready to help and ensure your continued enjoyment of your home. 

If you’re looking for a well-managed, clean and safe apartment for rent in Ottawa from a highly professional rental company, we hope you will consider Phoenix Properties. Check our our available apartment rentals here.


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