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How to Allergy Proof Your Home

This time of year, it seems like everyone is sneezing. On a good day, that can be annoying... during a pandemic, it’s a little nerve racking. Allergies can be frustrating and exhausting. They disrupt our daily lives and ruin a good night's sleep. With this article we hope to help with tips to allergy proof your home.

For the last couple weeks here in the Ottawa area, The Weather Network has been reporting our Pollen outlook as high to very high. Grasses, Pine, Fir, and Spruce are also aggravating a lot of allergies right now. Additionally, pet dander and dust can feel like they’re only making matters worse. By allergy proofing your home with these tips, you’ll hopefully feel more energized and be less reliant on antihistamines.

- Rugs (especially high-pile) hold on to allergens. If you can’t switch to hardwood or laminate, you’ll need to vacuum at least once a week with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.
- Similar to rugs, upholstered sofas and chairs can hang on to allergens. Leather, wood, metal, or plastic furniture is helpful.
- If you have air conditioning, keep your windows closed. Opt for washable curtains over blinds, unless you can commit to wiping down both sides of your blinds weekly.
- Potted plants can develop mold (which you might not see). Covering the dirt with aquarium gravel not only helps, but is an attractive solution as well.

- Just about every part of your bed can be protected. There are mattress and box spring covers that are washable along with your sheets and pillow cases. Hot water is best for ensuring the allergens are gone. It’s also recommended to replace wool or feather bedding with synthetic blankets and pillows.
- If you want to keep rugs in your bedroom it should be vacuumed frequently with a HEPA filter, as well as shampooed two-three times a month during allergy season.
- Eliminate as much clutter as you can. Books, knickknacks, decorations, etc. collect dust and often can’t be cleaned well.
- Try using an air filtration system. This can clean the air around you while you sleep.

- Use the vented exhaust over your stove. Not only will it remove cooking fumes, it will reduce moisture in the area. Just be sure to wipe down the vent; it collects dust, but it’s even trickier because it also collects grease which can causes the allergens to stick.
- Moisture in both the kitchen and bathroom can exacerbate mold allergies, especially around the sink and fridge. Wash dishes daily and use a garbage can with a lid.
- Remove wallpaper, especially in the bathroom, as this can hold onto moisture and dust.
- Toilet seat covers and floor mats should be removed, or at the very least, washed weekly.

Controlling your temperature and humidity can help too. The Mayo Clinic recommends temperatures between 20C and 22C and the humidity shouldn’t be higher than 50%.

If you’re unable to initiate some of these changes, don’t let that stop you. Sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference. Regular cleaning is the most important part in the battle against allergens in the home. One of the perks to calling the livery home is knowing that all public areas are cleaned and dusted regularly. The Livery team is committed to helping improve your surroundings and quality of life.


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